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For years of doing online jobs, the best thing I’ve learned is being in the forums has a lot of advantages like being updated to your online jobs. And these are the best bitcoin forums that I’m using to find an opportunity to earn more online and to be updated on it.

Bitcoin forums are similar to other online job forums that you can find but the only difference is in these forums it’s more related to bitcoin, technology, and cryptocurrency. And if you’re starting to familiarize yourself with bitcoin these forums are a suitable place for you.

The importance of familiarizing to different bitcoin forums is because even they are all related to bitcoin they are still offering different opportunities and knowledge to everyone. In some forums, you will only learn about some available bitcoin jobs while in the other forums aside from bitcoin there’s another way to earn.

These forums also have different types of rules and guidelines. It will help you on how to read and follow carefully the rules if you wanted to stay longer to that forum. If you think you’re ready to learn and earn from those forums you can start reading the details below.


bitcointalk forum was the biggest and the most popular bitcoin forums that you can find. The unknown inventor of bitcoin was the same initial creator of this forum that’s why if you want to find the most important details about bitcoin it was posted and have a topic in this forum.

I’ve been using since 2017 when I started to try another way how to earn aside from faucet claiming in the bitcoin industry. I didn’t expect that this forum will be the reason for me to continue my bitcoin journey. I learned a lot of things that will help me to understand more about bitcoin and cryptocurrency because of this forum.

At first, I got really confused about how I’m going to use this forum to earn money. I don’t really understand at first when the person who invited me to this forum said that I can earn by just using this forum. I just followed what he said to me then eventually I got familiarized with it.

After that I started to understand how does this forum will help me to earn money while using it. It’s not actually that you will earn money by just using it. It’s about the opportunities that you can find that is posted, shared or announced when the new projects in the bitcoin industry started.

Those new projects are making tasks that you can do in the forum. Some of those tasks are the Airdrops and Bounties where you can earn free money once you finish and do the tasks that they are offering. This is where I started to earn more than doing some faucet claiming before. That’s why if you’re looking for new opportunities to earn this forum might help you too.


altcointalk forum was also the best bitcoin forum that I can recommend. Just like in the first bitcoin forum that I’ve mentioned. Altcoinstalks forum was one of the most active forums I’ve found that’s why I keep using it until now.

Active forums are usually the place that the new projects making their first announcements. And if I will going to be on another active forum the chances of getting other payable projects will be high. That’s why I also chose this forum when I’m looking for an alternative in bitcointalk before.

When you familiarized and used to bitcointalk you will easily understand the altcoinstalks interface too. Even there’s a little different in their interface and how does the forum works the list of opportunities that you can do is the same to each other.

The posted projects in altcoinstalks forum are asking tasks that’s not no different from bitcointalk forum or other forums. That means what you’ve learned from the first forum can be used and apply to other forums. Just keep exploring the forum and you will learn more.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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