Best ethereum wallets

There are actually different big exchanges wallets where you can see or use ethereum wallet. But having a specific wallet for it has a lot of advantages. If you will use some exchanges ethereum wallet address you can’t receive an alternative cryptocurrency that is under the ethereum which is the Erc20 tokens.

Erc20 tokens was another type of cryptocurrency that can only be stored in a limited ethereum wallet or if the project has its own wallet. Those exchange wallets can’t accept or stored those kinds of cryptocurrency that’s why some of the bitcoin users finding and using an actual wallet for it.

But it’s not only about where you can store another type of cryptocurrency. Aside from those features based on my own experienced actual ethereum wallets has a less fee than to other exchange ethereum wallet which is some of them have a specific amount for a fee.

The ethereum wallets that I’ve included below are the wallets that I’m using until now while I’m doing bitcoin tasks that are requiring ethereum wallets to receive my rewards. These are also the most secured wallet that I’ve used.

The best ethereum wallets that you can use

1. Metamask


If you’re looking for the best and secured ethereum wallet, Metamask was a very suitable wallet for you. I’ve been using Metamask for years now but I haven’t experienced any issues like getting hacked or other security reasons.

Metamask was the most secured wallet that everyone can use because you will not afraid if you accidentally clicked random links or the websites that you’re browsing has malicious content that might access my wallets. Your Metamask wallet will alert and tell you that it’s not a safe place for you to browse.

Metamask Alert

When this alert showed up on your screenshot it will be up to you now if you still wanted to browse the website or leave it while the Metamask blocking it. This feature will prevent you from getting hacked unwillingly or unnoticed. Having this feature on the ethereum wallet that you’re using will make you feel more secure.

Aside from having the most secure feature of ethereum wallet. You can easily use Metamask by just installing the extension of it on your browsers. Metamask was supported in most of the famous browser and you can also use it now on your Android or iOS by just downloading their beta app.

I’ve been using it on my Google Chrome Browser for years now and this is how it looks like when you installed the extension of it. After creating your own wallet Metamask will ask you to make a password for your extension so you will be still safe even the other people used your computer.

Metamask Log In Interface

If you will input your password and click the login button you will see the main interface of Metamask as an extension. On that interface, you will see the different options that you can do on your Metamask accounts. You can easily Receive (Deposit) or send your Ethereum to anyone.

Metamask Main Interface

When you click the Circle Logo which is your Account Details. You can see more options that you can use. Another is you can have another account using one Metamask extension so if you don’t want to keep your Ethereum or other tokens at one wallet you can create an alternative.

Metamask More Options

Try and explore more of the Metamask buttons and options to see what those buttons are for. You can also read the Info & Help option to familiarize yourself with Metamask so you can use it easily.

2. ImToken

It’s really hard to trust some new or unknown mobile application for ethereum wallet nowadays. That’s why if you’re looking for the most legit and best ethereum that you can run to your smartphone, ImToken was your best choice.

Before I start using Metamask I used ImToken first. Since I didn’t have my own Computer Desktop at that time the best option for me is to download an application for my android phone so I can monitor the Ethereum and other tokens on my ethereum wallets. These are some of the reasons why I loved ImToken.

First – Easily to Use

I really got a lot of problems from the other mobile application for ethereum wallet that I’ve used because most of those applications are not user-friendly. Then I found ImToken mobile application which is recommended by one of my online friends.

I thought it will going to be like those wallets that I’ve used because on google playstore the interface really looks hard since I’m new to those kinds of things at that time. After I downloaded as usual a “How to get started” appeared and I clicked okay.

I’m surprised because it’s much easier to use than my expectations. That’s why if you are still not familiar with other ethereum wallets and you can only use your mobile phone for it. The best option for you is the ImToken. You can easily find and download it from google playstore.

Second – Different Options are Available

ImToken in Google Playstore

After downloading it there will going to be an intructions that you can follow on how are you going to use it. Their instructions are much easier to understand and follow than to other mobile applications that you can use. Just read it and follow carefully so you will understand how it works.

Unlike the other exchanges wallet. ImToken ethereum wallet addresses can receive those alternative tokens which are the Erc20 tokens even they are also having and accepting different types of cryptocurrencies.

You can also use different ethereum wallet addresses like in Metamask. Aside from that, you can use ImToken to easily transfer and exchange your ethereum or other Erc20 tokens to different cryptocurrencies that are available on their system. Just explore it and you will get used to those features.

3. MyEtherWallet

MyEtherWallet was the most popular Ethereum Wallets. Most of the bitcoin users especially those people who are in this industry since the very beginning that MyEtherWallet was the first wallet you should really know how to use.

Unlike the first two Ethereum Wallets that I’ve mentioned above. MyEtherWallet was harder and confusing to use. But even it’s hard to use the thing is you will going to familiarize yourself with more options and details that you can learn from using it.

If you will check the website of MyEtherWallet you will see that you can create another wallet or you can connect your ethereum wallet by using different options. The options have a different way of how are you going to access your old ethereum wallet.

MyEtherWallet Options

First Option – MEWconnect

This option will allow you to connect your old Ethereum Wallet if you have the MyEtherWallet mobile application that you can from Google Playstore. If you’re familiar with other bitcoin wallets or other cryptocurrency wallet applications.

MEWconnect has the same feature on scanning a QR Code specifically for your current account on that application. You don’t need to do anything just like entering Private Key, Keystore File or your wallet Mnemonic phrase.

Using MEWconnect to activate or open your MyEtherWallet ethereum wallet was the most secure way now because you can make sure that no one can record your keystroke if you’re typing your personal keys for it.

Second Option – Hardware

I don’t have any experience using or having one but when it comes to wallets. Hardware wallets are the safest place that you can store your ethereum or other cryptocurrencies because you have it physically. You’re the only one who can access it as long that you have it.

MyEtherWallet are accepting different Hardware wallet to open their Ethereum Wallet on it. If you’re planning to use hardware wallet for it I suggest always do your own research for it because it’s much harder to use than to other virtual wallets that we are using.

MyEtherWallet Hardware Option

Third Option – Metamask

If you think that Metamask is just for storing and securing your ethereum and other erc20 tokens you’re wrong. Metamask can also use the different types of verification before you can connect or use the funds inside of it.

Just like in MyEtherWallet option once you click that option it will send a verification on your Metamask extension before it process or continue the connection from your Metamask into MyEtherWallet.

MyEtherWallet Metamask Option

Fourth Option – Keystore File / Private Key / Mnemonic Phrases

The last options are the common way of accessing your Ethereum Wallets from the other applications or website. But it’s not really recommended to use these things especially if you’re didn’t know that you have a secured device and connections.

Just like what I’ve said above some scripts or other malicious things might be stored on your device or browser. Most of the time those kinds of things are the way to hack the other people which is keylogging or recording the strokes on your keyboard.

But it will depend on you now if you still want to use it to access your ethereum wallet on MyEtherWallet. I suggest that connect it first to other options available so you will be sure that your funds will be going to be fine.

MyEtherWallet Software Option

Things to Remember!

1. Save every Passphrases for each Ethereum Wallet you have.

2. Save every Private Key for each Ethereum Wallet you have.

3. Don’t ever share your Passphrases or Private key to anyone because they can access your wallet using it.

4. Save your Passphrases and Private Key in different safe places so you will have some back up of it because once you lost it you can’t no longer access your Ethereum Wallets.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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