Bitcoin Tips: List of ways to earn more in bitcoin tasks

For every online job that you can find. There’s always a lot of tips provided to their users to earn more. It’s similar to the bitcoin industry. Once you learn bitcoin and some ways to earn on it. The next thing that you will do is find some tips on it. Different bitcoin tips are usually posted on different websites too.

I’ve read some bitcoin tips before that helped me a lot. Especially on how I’m going to make sure that I’ll have maximum earnings for every task that is available. I didn’t expect that most of will really help me to earn more I’ve also learned more knowledge from it.

The more bitcoin tips that you can find. The more ways for you to increase your earnings and knowledge in the bitcoin industry. Some people getting a problem in the bitcoin industry because they think that it’s impossible to earn in bitcoin. What they didn’t know aside from learning the basic information they need should learn some bitcoin tips to earn here.

The bitcoin tips I’ve mentioned below are related to most of the bitcoin tasks that you can do. I’ve included those different tasks that you can do on my how to earn in bitcoin blog. Reading it first will give you ideas about the tasks or jobs that you can do in the bitcoin industry.

Learn these bitcoin tips to start earning more!

1. Time Management

Most people know how important time management is. But applying it to the bitcoin industry will give you better results while doing some bitcoin tasks. If you have some spare time and you’re not doing anything. Why don’t you use that time to learn more things about bitcoin instead of using your time to useless things. In that way, you will be more familiar with it.

I’m not saying that you must use all of your time in the bitcoin industry. Just make your own time management plan and schedule everything you need to do every day. If your time management in bitcoin is really good. You can do more tasks or jobs that will help you to increase your earning in bitcoin.

Invest your time into the things that will help you to improve your understanding of the bitcoin industry. Once you used to it, exploring and finding higher paying jobs in bitcoin will be easier for you. My start on it was really hard too since I’m still a student. I spend most of my time until now into learning and keep exploring the bitcoin industry.

I didn’t regret using most of my time to the thing that will help me to become knowledgeable about bitcoin. Just like what we always heard, time is money and I believe in it. That’s why you should use your time for more valuable things.

Someday after reading this blog. You will make your own bitcoin tips to help other people. I’m pretty sure that you will discuss how important time management is. So they will have good results making money in bitcoin industry.

2. Airdrop Tips

Airdrop was the easiest way to earn in crypto but each airdrop will not guarantee you to earn a good reward or get results when you participated in it. That’s why you must learn some ways to increase your chances of earning on it. The following tips will help you to earn more in airdrop.

First – Hunting Place

When we are looking for a job in real-world we usually go to different websites and forums to check some available job offers. Instead of a random walk in application, it’s more convenient for us if we will go to those kinds of online places because it’s more convenient.

It’s similar in airdrop. Instead of a random checking in social media or waiting for other people to post a new airdrop you must need to have a place where you can find or a place or hunt the available new airdrop. And that place will be the bitcoin or crypto forums.

There’s a lot of bitcoin or crypto forums available in google search but based on my experiences if you really wanted to be updated not only for airdrop but also for the latest project the first place you need to go is the bitcointalk forum.

Most of the time airdrop announcements are posted on different bitcoin forums first before they make another announcement in social media. That’s why you need to be aware of which forums are popular and available. Be the first person who will know that there’s a new airdrop to increase your referrals too.

You can also join on different Social Media Groups, Pages, Telegram Groups and etc. If you’re not aware or not use to different bitcoin forums you can still find airdrops by joining on these groups, especially on  Telegram Group because most of the group chat there are promoting and announcing new airdrops.

Second – Grab it All

If you will have a lot of opportunities in life what are you going to do? You will grab it all, right? Especially if those opportunities not asking too much for you to get. It’s similar to airdrop hunting. Don’t let even one of those available airdrops to slip on your registration.

But of course, you must always read the airdrop details because some of it is using the airdrop to hack other people. If the airdrop that you’re planning to participate in is asking some personal wallet information like your private key or passphrases that’s the time you must not join in.

When I’m new to airdrop I also participated in every safe airdrop I can find. Even without assurance that those airdrops will give me good results, it’s worth participating because the tasks are pretty simple to qualify or got accepted on the airdrop. You can finish it for less than five minutes.

Just spending five minutes for some of those airdrops will increase your chance to earn more. Some of those projects might give you more than what you think just like what always happened in the bitcoin industry. That’s why you should not miss even a single airdrop.

Third – Share Your Referral Links

Are you familiar with the affiliate program? It’s one of the best ways to earn in every online job or task that you can do because you don’t need to spend money using it. Just share it and once you successfully invited a person under your affiliate links you will get the rewards.

It’s similar to the referral programs in airdrop. But unlike those affiliate programs from other online jobs or tasks when you do it in bitcoin you will earn more than of the money you can earn from those online jobs. Impossible? No! It’s possible!

The other online jobs that you can find were giving a specific amount of money that you can get from the affiliate program. But in bitcoin airdrop projects they are offering mostly their tokens as rewards for inviting people to participate in their project.

Those tokens will have value in the future once the project is successfully launched. Those values might increase x2, x3, x4 or more especially if the project became popular in the bitcoin industry and many big people came to invest in it.

Now, think about if you have a lot of referrals when that happened means you have a lot of tokens from the airdrop. That also means that you will get more than what you expected when you participated in it. That’s why you should share your referrals to different people to increase your earnings from it.

3. Bounty Tips

Bounty is harder than airdrop that’s why you need to have more ideas on how are you going to do it. Similar to Airdrop even in Bounty, not all the projects that you’re participating in will not guarantee you an earning no matter how hard you worked on it. That’s why you need to increase your chances to earn from it.

First – Do Your Own Research

Every time that we’re not sure about something we always make research of it before we do it. We spend a lot of time searching for the right results that will answer the question on our mind. We will just do that thing once we are satisfied with the answer or results that we’ve found on the internet.

Just like in bitcoin bounty before we participate in the projects we must always make our own research about it. Don’t be lazy to make some research about those projects because it’s the smartest way to save your time from working hard on projects that will give nothing to you after those efforts.

When I started to bounty I don’t really like doing some research in the projects that I’m participating in. What I want is just keep joining and joining without reading the most important thing in which is the background checking. I just realized it when most of the projects I participated in at that time didn’t even make a good launching of the project.

Those realizations about my wasted months working on projects that I didn’t get even little amounts was enough reason for someone to stop doing those kinds of things again. But instead of stopping bounty works I started to make my own research to the project before I participate in it.

After learning and doing my own reseach I noticed that I have participated in fewer projects. But I know to myself that my selected project at that time will give me a higher chance of earning more than what I’ve before. And after just a few months 3/5 of the projects I’ve participated in brought good results. Unlike my old way of participating in the bounty which is 2/10 of it was the only give small amounts on me.

That’s why always make your own research before you participate in the projects. You can consider the project was real if they are providing enough details of the projects and they are ready to make more developments that getting money from their events.

Second – Improve your Social Media Accounts

Nowadays advertising happened often on different social media. Unlike the usual products or companies that are promoting themselves on tv networks to increase their earnings. Aside from the old ways those products or companies using social media too for their advertising.

It’s also happening in the bitcoin industry. When the new projects came out most of the time after making their announcements in different bitcoin forums they are making their own social media to promote their projects. And to increase their reputations and popularities they will make their own bounty tasks for it.

They are requiring different social media accounts for each participant. The more social media accounts you have the more tasks you can participate in those projects. The common social media accounts were Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Aside from having those different social media accounts your account should have a good status like having a lot of Friends, Followers, and Subscribers. If you will have more than the required status of your social media accounts the earnings from doing it were higher too.

That’s why you should make sure that your social media accounts have a good status but if you don’t have it yet there’s always a way to improve your accounts. Participate in different Social Media Groups that are helping each other to improve their status too.

In that way, you can easily get a lot of new Friends, Followers, and Subscribers that you need to get into higher rewards for each task available. You can see the difference between those rewards once you started to do the bounty tasks.

Third – Join in More Projects

Just like in airdrop the more projects you’re participating in the more chances and higher earnings that you can get. But always consider the number one tip that I’ve discussed above. There’s no limit on how many projects you’re participating as long you can handle all of it.

If you’re just new in doing bounty tasks just practice participating 3-5 projects at the same time. You can finish one project task less than thirty minutes depends on how many tasks you are participating in them. But if it’s just Facebook or Twitter tasks you can finish it even in five minutes.

With that 3-5 projects that you’re participating in. Familiarize yourself with how does the bounty tasks works. The longer you’re engaging yourself with it the easier for you to do those tasks. Don’t rush doing those tasks instead use it to learn more about bitcoin and the other things on it.

If you think you’re ready now to participate in more projects. You must have a way to handle them. Don’t miss any tasks you’re participating in because it will damage your reputation and it might become a problem for you to claim your rewards.

The earnings from bounty tasks were pretty good that’s why if you want to increase your earnings you must increase your projects too. Just keep in mind that before participating in it make your own background research of each project.

Fourth – Read Rules and Guidelines

Since you’re a kid you always can read rules and guidelines everywhere. Our parents and elders always tell what’s the importance of reading those rules and guidelines because it will save us from the possible problem if we will not break it.

It’s similar to bounty tasks. Rules and Guidelines are absolute, no one should break it. No matter how hard you worked on the project once you break even one of those rules and guidelines you might not really going to get your rewards.

I even got a problem before because I missed some information in the rules and guidelines of the bounty task. I worked hard on it for around five months but I didn’t get anything from it because it was written rules and guidelines that every participant should report their works every Saturday which is I missed to submit my works.

That’s why if you don’t want to miss your rewards you must always read the rules and guidelines of each project you’re participating in. Aside from that, you will learn too about the different ways of how to submit your works because each project has its own way of submitting the reports of the work too.

Fifth – Save your Works

This is the most important thing that you should remember and always do while doing bitcoin tasks. Some bounty hunters are not making a copy of their own works after they submitted it to the manager of the current bounty that they are participating.

Some of them didn’t know how important it’s especially those people who are just new in doing bitcoin tasks. There’s a time that you can use those saved works just like when you think the manager’s computations on your rewards were not right.

If you can show your saved works to those managers they can make recomputations of your rewards and instead of having a less reward than the expected you can expect that it will be the right rewards for all the works you’ve done for them.

That’s why you should always save all of your works because sooner or later it will going to be the things that will save you from troubles. Having copies of those works will secure your earnings from the bounty tasks that you’re participating in.

4. Moderator or Support Tips

In my own opinion and experiences, being Moderator and Support is the most profitable way of earning in bitcoin. That’s why if you have a good knowledge and skill in communicating with people, this is the most suitable bitcoin work for you.

The more knowledge and skill you show the higher the chances that you can get a lot of projects that you can work as a moderator or support in the crypto industry. But the most important thing you must know how to follow rules and become a learner.

I know some of you started to think now on how to become a moderator or support in some of the projects in crypto. The information below might help you to start your own journey in moderator and support works to earn more in bitcoin.

First – Familiarize yourself in Bitcoin

Familiarizing yourself in the bitcoin was the important thing you should do first. You need some knowledge about the different parts of the bitcoin which are the bitcoin wallets, crypto wallets, bounty, airdrop, forums and etc.

You need to have some knowledge of those things because most of the time the questions that you’re going to get from your community members are related to it. Especially if there will be an even like airdrop or bounty the questions of those people will be more on it.

And if you have some knowledge of those things it will be easier for you to answer their questions. There’s also a time that you need to guide some people on those events and if you don’t have enough knowledge or not familiar with it your superior might not going to be happy to you.

But if you show good knowledge and skills to the members of your community your reputation will be good. There’s a time that some managers of the community raising the salary of Moderator or Support based on what they can do for the community.

Second – Learn more about the project

Study the project that you’re working with. You must have enough knowledge about the project that you’re working with because sometimes the head admins are just watching about your works and if you’re giving the right answers to your members.

They might fire you from your position if you keep giving false information or answers about the project because it will affect the trust in the project. That’s why learning the details of the project you’re working at that time is a must.

Always read the update of the projects and make sure that you’ve read enough information on it because if there’s new update some new questions from the community are coming too. Giving a good impression to your superior will make your job longer and more earning.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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