BuzzBreak app: Earn money while reading news

BuzzBreak app is just like one of those news app that we’re using to be updated what’s happening in the world. But in BuzzBreak aside from being updated everyone can earn extra amount while reading news. I never would have thought that you can earn extra money while doing that simple task.

At first, I thought it’s really impossible to earn from this application doing just simple tasks like reading news. I downloaded their app and tried what they said “Earn Lucky Money” by just using it.

The same day after downloading the app I read the details and tried the application. It was really a simple way of doing their tasks. I also met the minimum withdrawal for it on the same day and I can’t believe that it was really going to pay me! As of now I already got my 13th proof of withdrawals from them. I’ll update the latest withdrawals here: BuzzBreak Proof of Earnings

Proof of Withdrawals

You can say that it’s a small amount but getting this amount was not that really hard. You just need to collect points while using the apps or reading news that you’re going to convert into real money. And if you met the minimum withdrawal which is $0.2 you can withdraw your balance immediately and wait 24-48 hours to arrive on your PayPal account.

You can download BuzzBreak app from here: BuzzBreak App and you can use my code so both of us will get points: B01542945

These are different ways for you to earn points:

1. Daily Claims

Daily Claims

I called it daily claims because there’s a limit on how many claims you can do in it every day. Each claims you will get 5 points or equal to $0.00005 and the maximum claims per day is 50. So it will be 50 x 5 points = 225 points that will be equal to $0.00225 every day.

Some of you might think that it was a little amount but it’s better than nothing. It’s also easy to do because you just need to wait 30 seconds each time before you can claim again while reading news.

2. Daily Check-In

Daily Check-In

Just like the other money-making application that you’re using BuzzBreak is also offering a daily check in to earn additional points. Each day that you’re checking in on the app the rewards are increasing too.

For example, on the first day of checking in, you will earn 60 points which is equal to $0.00060. The next day that you will check in again you will notice that the points are higher than yesterday. The maximum check-in rewards that you can get are 800 points which is equal to $0.008 by just checking in.

3. Interval Rewards

Interval Rewards

This is my favorite and the main source of my everyday points in BuzzBreak app. That’s why if you will think it’s not possible that I will have a daily withdrawal by just the first two ways right?

You can earn 100 points or $0.001 every 3 hours. So you will have at least 8 times for 24 hours to claim from it. If you think that it’s too much just claim it when you have time just like what I’m doing. After doing the first two ways I will just make a reminder on my phone every 3 hours to claim it. I don’t need to check it every hour ;).

4. Invite or Referral System

Invite or Referral System

This is another good way of earning points too but I haven’t tried it since I’m not sharing my referral yet. As you can see the rewards to each invited person is depending on your level. The more you invited to use your code the higher your level and rewards for it.

Additional: Reward Boosting

This is the day that you should not miss it! The rewards on that day will be doubled. As you can see above the normal earnings points to each claim (Daily Claims) are 5 points but when the reward boosting is available it will be 10 points. It’s also applicable to Interval Rewards, instead of 100 points you will get 200 points each claim!

It will going to be available every Wednesday (I’ll update the post once it’s changed) so don’t miss the chance of getting double rewards in the BuzzBreak app.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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