Coins ph tips: Increase your earnings

Learning how to earn in was not enough. You might not know this but you can still increase the money you can get from it. You should learn some coins ph tips that will help you to maximize your earnings while using it.

How do the following tips below will affect your earnings? The coins ph tips provided below will help you to get more idea on how are you going to use in many smartest ways. It will boost your earnings depends on how are you going to follow it.

Increase your earnings now using these coins ph tips

1. Save Cash In Fee

Cash In means you’re sending money to your account. You can learn how to do it here: How to cash in money to

If you wanted to earn more in you should always consider the fees that you’re using. You might not be noticing it but your earnings might just go to cover that fee that you’re paying to cash in money to your account.

Choose wisely which Method or way to Cash In that you’re using. Cash In fee depends on the method you’re using when you’re going to send funds to your account. If you would notice some of those methods asking more fees than to another method even you’re trying to Cash In the same amount.

As you can see above it’s from a different method that you can use to Cash In in Some of those methods are offering lower fees than to others. It’s worth it finding a suitable method because even it’s a small difference from fee as long you can save some amount on it.

Another, before choosing a method you must consider how far does the method you’ve chosen from your house? If you will spend more on the traveling fee it’s much better to choose another method that near to your house but offering the same fee on the amount that you’re planning to Cash In.

2. Increase your earnings at Selling Loads and Game Credits

Selling Loads

First – Know your Customers

Sims Loads was still popular nowadays. Even the time has changed there are still some people who are using it for personal communication like texting and phone calls. But most of us now using it for our social media and online games.

To earn more on Loads Selling you should know which people that will going to be your customers. Observe the people around you. Which of them are often in front of their mobile phones? Those people who are addicted to mobile phones are the best target for your Loading Business.

Those kinds of people are mostly using their mobile phones to their social media and mobile games that need a load to register for mobile data. You can expect that they are the types of people who always buy loads to continue what they are doing using their mobile phones.

Second – Advertise your Load Business

Even after knowing which people are your possible customers they will not buy from you if they didn’t know that you’re selling loads. That’s why the next thing you should do is make a way on how they will going to know that buying loads are available to you.

You can do it in two different ways:

First, you can make your own signage or other advertising tools so they will know that you’re selling loads. Most of the time signage or other advertising tools really attract those people’s attention even they are your customers or not.

Second, talk to those people personally to advertise your business. If you think that making signage is a little hard why don’t you do it in some simple way like telling them personally that they can also buy sim loads from you.

Third – Give Discounts

Every time the people heard or read the word Discounts, they are stopping and checking it out. People easily attracted to the products that they will have discounts. It will be the strategy for your loading business too.

Remember that you can earn double or more than the normal stores can earn from selling loads. Giving small discounts will attract your neighborhood to buy loads from you because even it’s just a small amount of money they will be happy having it.

If you will going to have this kind of way for your loading business you can easily win the competition from the other loading stores. The small amounts that you will give to them for the discounts will make them as your regular customers and that means regular earnings.

Selling Game Credits

First – Know your Customers

Similar to Selling Loads you must also need to know which people will be your target customers. But in Selling Game Credits you will have more specific targets other than to those people who are just buying loads.

From the word Game Credits that means your main customers now are not only those people who are just using mobile phones to play mobile games. Your other target customers will be those people who are addicted to Online Games.

If you will think about it, Selling Game Credits is much easier to find customers. What you just need to do is observe the people who loved to play mobile or online games and I’m pretty sure that most of those people spending money to buy game credits for their game.

Second – Advertise your Business

Advertising your Business is much easier too when it comes to Selling Game Credits. You don’t need to make the signage for it. Just tell to the people around you specially those people who are playing mobile or online games that you’re selling game credits.

Even those people who are not playing mobile or online games can be a bridge for other people to know that you’re selling Game Credits. As long they are your close friends, classmates, workmates and etc.

You can use them to bring more customers to you. What I mean is it’s impossible that they will not have a friends from their sides that are playing mobile or online games right? And those kind of people from their side who can be your customers.

Third – Increase your Connections

Increase your connections or increase the people and places to know that you’re selling a game credits. It’ actually my favorite method when I used to sell game credits before as my business.

What you just need to do is look for the nearest Internet Cafe’s at your place and observe what kind of games they are playing. Observe carefully and list all of the games that most of their customers or players are playing.

Check those games if it’s available in Game Credit feature. If those games are available there you can talk to the owner of the Internet Cafe’s that you’re selling game credits that have similar fees to the normal game credit stores.

Most of the time game credits are unavailable or sold out to game credit stores. And if those people or players in that Internet Cafe wanted to buy some they can contact you that’s why you should leave your contact number to the owner of Internet Cafe.

Another good way which is my favorite method when I was started to sell game credits before is to look for the nearest Internet Cafe’s at your place and observe what kind of games that the people playing there.

Always remember that the more connections you have to different People and Internet Cafe’s will help you to increase more your earnings from it. The more people know that you’re selling a game credits the more new future customers will come too.

3. Bill Payment Tips

It’s hard to find a customer for this kind of service because they might think that it’s some kind of scam or not safe. That’s why you must start with your own bills. After that start asking some of your close friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Don’t rush yourself instead keep building trust and satisfaction with your friends, neighbors, and relatives as your first customers because once they are sure that it’s safe it will easy to get more outside customers. 

The outside customers I’m talking about are the people who are not related to you but your friends, neighbors, and relatives have a connection with them. Your service will attract those people because they already saw the results of your works.

Once you have enough satisfied customers the only thing you must do now is maintaining the connection with them. Don’t forget to ask them 5-10 days before the release of the billing statement so you’ll how many customers you’ll have that and prepare the funds you need for it.

Don’t forget the most important thing about this bill payments. Make sure that all the payments will be sent before their due dates to avoid getting negative trust from your customers.

4. Referral Tips

Affiliate Program or Referral Program is one of the easiest ways to earn in bitcoin. Aside from you can do it really free after joining a certain project you can use your referral links or code depends on how long it’s available.

The more invited people you have the more earnings that you can get from it. It’s really worth doing the referral system specially if you know that the project you’re participating in will going to have a good and successful future.

These tips might help you to increase your invited people and your earnings from doing a referral program in different projects that are available.

First – Attractive Invitation

Have you watched any tv commercials? Did you see how they advertise or promote their products to the audience? It’s attractive every time they mentioning some good points or advantages of their product right?

It’s similar to the Referral System. You should make the people think about what it is or they must get attracted to it. Making an attractive invitation campaigns should be still honest and don’t include exaggeration on it because they might only click it because of that lie.

To make a successful attractive invitation campaign find the good points of the project that you’re working with. Collect those as advantages of the project and use it when you’re posting your referral links to different social media.

Second – Advertising Channel

Just like normal products having a channel or place where you can advertise it is one of the best ways to let people know that you’re offering something new or good to them. Think about places like social media groups or pages that are related to the project that you’re working with.

Aside from having a place another advantage of advertising channels is you can invite more people there instead of a random posting on social media. A place with a same interest will always going to get curious about the other products that posted on those groups and pages.

Keep posting your referral links to those groups and pages with the combination of your attractive invitational campaign. You might notice that some of those people will start making a comment like “How” or “Details”. Answer them with the details of the project to make them think about it.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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