Earn more in Eobot using other crypto faucets

Eobot was one of my favorite cloud mining companies because there are some ways to increase your earnings using some other faucets available in crypto even not investing your own money on it. The method below will help you to earn more in eobot.

I’ve learned this method too when I started to use Eobot before and I want to give the credits and thanks to the real owner of this method I’ll just add some additional details on it that I used to increase more the earnings.

I called the method Eobot Combo

So, how it works? 

It’s basically sending all your earnings from other faucets to your Eobot account to mine. But it will take a long process before you can have a good amount of GHz which is the mining energy you need to mine that’s why we need to increase your Eobot GHz for free.

The more GHz you have the faster you can mine the coins you wanted in the long run.

Just follow the guide below and you will get it in no time.

1. Claiming on Eobot Faucet

Instead of claiming a normal currency from Eobot Faucet we will claim GHz as a reward every 24 hours so we can start mining.

Guide on how to claim GHz on Eobot Faucet:

1. Change the Mining into GHz

eobot mining

2. Go to the Products and choose Faucet

3. Solve the captcha and click the Get Faucet Reward


If you’re thinking about how did you earned GHz from the faucet instead of the normal currency the reason is, every time you change or which coin you chose on the Mining at the Homepage it will be your rewards at the faucet.

2. Mine GHz

If you just started doing this method the best way for now is to keep mining GHz to increase it. The GHz that you’re going to mine is for the long run which means it will run more than the normal way and you will have a lifetime source of income once you’re doing it again and again and if you have enough GHz to mine a good amount of currency every day, week or month.

If you followed the number one when you go back to the homepage of the Eobot website you will see that it’s mining GHz.


When you change the currency on Mining at the homepage it will be the currency that your account will be going to mine.

eobot mining

3. Sending Funds from other Faucets

The third process for this method will be getting funds from the other crypto faucets. But first, you need to familiarize yourself with different faucets first.

You can check these legit faucets and learn about Coinpot: Legit crypto faucets to earn money

Before we are only using Moon Faucets which is the Moonbitcoin, Moondogecoin, and Moonlitecoin only. But since there’s a lot of update on those faucets there’s much better way now.

1. Coinpot

We will use Coinpot.co now which is partnered to updated Moon Faucets and other Faucets.

There are 7 available faucets on Coinpot.co now which means there are a lot of ways for you to earn from these faucets.

Continuing the process on Eobot Combo Method, Just keep claiming from these faucets. And once you got a lot of different currencies just convert it all to Dogecoin.

The reason why we will use Dogecoin because it has the smallest transferring fee than other currencies there.

If you’re going to send your collected Dogecoin to your Eobot account make sure that you used your Eobot Account Dogecoin Address.

eobot wallet

2. Freebitco.in

We can also use freebitco.in to this method. The only problem here is it needs more time to collect the minimum amounts to payout. But once you reached the minimum payout just send it to your Eobot account.

If you’re going to send your collected Bitcoin to your Eobot account make sure that you used your Eobot Account Bitcoin Address. You can see it at the same place where does the wallet address for Dogecoin located.

3.  Faucethub

Faucethub is like a forum but they have a lot of faucets where you can earn too. I include it here because you can use the same way that we will use at Coinpot.

Just collect from their different faucets and convert it to Dogecoin too because of the same reason and use the same Dogecoin Address you used on sending your funds from Coinpot.

4. Converting your Received Funds into GHz

If you already received your funds from the faucets the next thing you need to do is convert it to GHz on your Eobot Account.

Follow these steps to convert it:

1. Click the Products and choose the Exchange

eobot product

2. Scroll at the bottom of the page and you will see this

3. If your funds came from Coinpot or Faucethub choose Dogecoin for your FROM

4. Next, choose Cloud SHA 256 5.0 24 hours rental for your TO

eobot converter

Click Buy and that’s it you successfully converted to GHz now.


The reason why we chose a Mining GHz that will last for 24hrs only is so we can mine a GHz immediately that we can use for our method for the long run.

5. Going to step 1 | 6

The fifth process is the time for you to decide if you still need to increase more your GHz or it’s time to mine your target currency.

If you still need to increase your GHz just go to Step 1 and do the same things again.

But if you think that your GHz is already enough for you. Just proceed to the next step or the six process which is changing your mining into your preferred currency.

You can do it by changing the Mining at the Homepage to the cryptocurrency that you wanted to mine.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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