How to cash in money to coins ph

When I started to use one of the problem I’ve encountered is how to Cash In money to properly and which is the best method. That’s why after I’ve learned a lot of things while using it I decided to make my own guides on how the new people can do it without getting a problem.

First Attempt: Failed was one of the most popular mobile applications that you can use in different ways like buying loads, buying game credits, paying bills and a digital currency wallet. I’m using for a digital currency reason which is the bitcoin because I can withdraw money using it.

We have different reasons why we use application but most of it is because we wanted to earn using it or use their amazing features on paying different things in the most convenient way. Learn how to cash in money in below.

This complete step by step guide will help you how to cash in money to coins ph

1. Choosing a Method

Have you tried to send money to anyone before? When you’re sending money you usually use a different type of Money Sender, right? It’s similar to sending money to your account because you will use different accepted Money Send on to send you money on your account. have different ways or methods that you can use to cash in money on it. You can use some money remittances, banks, and convenience stores. But before choosing the method that you’re going to use you must consider the Fee, Familiarity and Location of it.

1. Fee

It’s easy to choose a method while cashing in money to your account. But you need to remember that just like the Money Sender that you’re using or you’ve used before different methods have a different amount on sending fees.

As you can see above the fee depends on the method that you’re you will use. Each method asking for a different fee even you’re planning to cash in the same amount of money to your account.

2. Familiarity

Aside from Fee of each method, you must need to consider too if you’re familiar with the method that you’re planning to use. What I mean it’s much better if you will choose a method where you have experienced using it before.

It’s much easier for you to send your money to the method that you can use easily. But if you’re a total no knowledge on each method my suggestion will be either 7 Eleven or Cebuana because it’s the easiest way to cash in if you can’t use the other methods.

3. Location

After choosing which method has a good fee for you and you’re familiar with it the next thing you should do is consider the location of it. If the method that you chose is accessible to you or can go there easily is better.

Think about it carefully because no matter how low the fee or you’re familiar with it if it’s far away from your location it will give you the hassle. Just think the method that is near to your location, has the lowest fee and you’re familiar with it.

After choosing the method you want you can proceed now to the next step.

2. Enter Amount

After choosing the method that you wanted to use. The next thing you’re going to do is enter the amount that you’re planning to cash into your account.

As you can see below. After you entered the amount that you’re planning to cash into your the method that you chose is indicated on it and the fee for the amount for it.

coins ph enter amount

Note: I just used 7 Eleven as a method above for guide purposes only.

3. Completing your Payment

This is the most important and final step on cashing in money to your account. After entering an amount will give you your Reference number and a Bar Code copy of it. There are things that you need to consider in this final step.

1. Check the Expiration Time of your transaction.

This is the first problem I’ve encountered before, I didn’t notice that there’s an expiration to the transaction that’s why my attempt is getting a problem when I’m trying to pay for it on my chosen method.

I learned that once the transaction is expired your reference code for it will not going to be accepted on your chosen method no matter how many times they will try it.

2. Don’t make your transaction at night

The main reason for this is because of the time expiration of each transaction that you’re going to request. You only have around 8 hours to complete the payment for it or else it will going to be expired.

Another is if you will make a transaction at night you will only have a limited method that you can use because most of the other methods in for cash in were closed at night.

3. Save your Reference Number and the Image of the Bar Code.

This is the most important thing to complete your transaction. Every time you made a transaction will give you a different reference Number and a Bar Code of it. You must always make a copy of it to avoid some problems if you forget or delete it.

Another is you need the reference number and the Bar Code of it when you’re going to send the payment for it on your chosen method. If there’s a problem with your reference number just show them and let them scan the Bar Code.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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