How to earn in bitcoin – Earn free up to $300+

It’s really possible to earn real and free money in bitcoin? The first questions on people’s minds. It ‘s natural to doubt something that you didn’t even know and you’re not sure about if you will really going to earn doing it. We’re afraid that our time and efforts will be in waste.

I even doubted it after I saw it in the first article I’ve read about bitcoin. My first impression on it was really bad specially it’s really unbelievable that even it’s an unknown digital currency it has a high value which is around $700 at that time. A lot of bad reviews too about using bitcoin in illegal ways. I didn’t expect that the bitcoin that I’m doubting will be the one that will give me real results in earning money online.

After being in the bitcoin industry for years those doubts and fear turned into knowledge and opportunities to unlock a new way to earn real money on it. Would you believe me if I tell you that my first two months earning was only around $0.2? Even that’s only my first earning I didn’t stop doing it instead I explore more bitcoin industry.

first bitcoin earnings

It took me a year searching and reading. After spending that whole year all of my invested time and hard work are paid off. I can’t believe that there’s a way to earn a lot in bitcoin. I’m one of those people now who are confident showing real proof of earnings on it. Check my latest earnings below.

latest bitcoin earnings

 How did I earn that money in bitcoin?

1. Faucets Claiming

Faucet Claiming is the easiest way to earn small about of bitcoin just doing simple tasks. The user just needs to provide the needed bitcoin address on the website and follow the process and instructions to claim the available rewards on it.

This is the first suitable way for those new people in bitcoin. They can use the knowledge and information that they will learn from different faucets to familiarize themselves with the bitcoin industry.

This is where I started too. Earning a small amount of bitcoin from different faucets makes me happy at that time. It always took me months to collect the minimum withdrawal on those faucets and sending it to my personal wallet to convert it into real money. I earned my first earning which is the $0.2 I mentioned above doing faucets claiming.

faucet claiming earnings

Even the earnings in faucet claiming are small I really suggest doing it to help yourself learn and have an idea about how does bitcoin industry work. Just keep on your mind that just like in real life jobs it’s not that easy to earn in bitcoin without investing a time to learn it.

Don’t think negative even you’re earning a small amount on it. The knowledge that you’re going to learn from it will be the advantage that you’re going to have. The more knowledge you have in bitcoin the easier for you to learn the other way of earning there.

There’s a lot of  Website and Application faucets where you can claim different cryptocurrencies.

2. Airdrop

The airdrop was a way of the new projects to promote or advertise themselves to the bitcoin industry. With the help of giving an airdrop task, those projects will easily build their own community of supporters for their project.

Most of the new projects giving their own airdrop. That means you will get different types of tokens or cryptocurrencies that you can convert into bitcoin in the future. You can exchange those tokens into bitcoin that you can convert into real money.

I got started doing airdrop way back 2017 and I really regret learning it a little late. I thought I will not earn from it. Most of the people will think the same way. Who would believe that you can earn by just participating in those airdrops easily will give you money, right?

I signed up and participated in every project offering an airdrop. After just a few weeks one of the airdrops I participated in got a lot of supports aside from us who became their supporters after joining the airdrop. Their launching was a big success and after just a few more days they got listed in the exchange and I sold the tokens I got from them.

Airdrop earnings

Take note. That’s not the only amount that you can earn from the airdrop. The more successful the project you participated in. The more value of the tokens from them that you can convert into bigger amounts.

Most of the new projects in the bitcoin have an airdrop that’s why you need to be aware and updated if there’s a new project or new airdrop are available. Join in different bitcoin forums to have an update. Most of the time they are posted there.

3. Bounty

From the word Bounty, it means a reward for something. We always heard the word bounty if there’s a request or posted job that needs to be done. An example of it is if there’s a missing dog in your community the owner is making a poster for that dog and included some rewards to the person who will bring it back.

It’s similar to bitcoin. New projects are making or offering their own bounty tasks that will help their projects in advertisements. In exchange, they are giving rewards to every participant. Most of the time the reward or payment is their token. Some of them are paying in bitcoin or ethereum which is the common alternative payments.

The earning in the bounty was really good. Just expect that you need to invest time in doing the available tasks. If in airdrop you are just filling up forms. In bounty, you need to do some actual posting, sharing and etc. to advertise the project in different social media.

Remember that some of the projects are just accepting a limited number of participants only. Mostly they are serious projects and ready to pay higher to normal bounty. That’s why you need to be aware of which bounties are updated just like in airdrop.

These are the example of Bounty Tasks that you can do in the bitcoin industry:

1. Facebook and Twitter Tasks

Think about yourself as a social media advertiser of a certain company or product. It’s similar in bitcoin. You will become an advertiser of your chosen project on facebook and twitter if you passed or got accepted from them.

Don’t worry about the qualification. As long you have an account of these two social media and meet the required number of friends or followers you can easily participate in it. Most of the projects are open to all new users. That’s why you don’t need to worry even you’re new to this.

Your jobs here will be simple. You just need to make a post, like and share some contents of the project to these social media. There is a weekly quota that you need to meet that’s why you must track your own works. Collect all your works and submit them weekly or monthly depends on the rules of the task.

2. Blog or Review Writing Task

Blog or Review Writing was the best opportunity for those people who love to write or review something. Your blog or review will depend on the rules and details of the bounty. Most of the time the review must be the good point of the project to attract new people to check or participate in it.

If there’s no rules or details that you need to follow. Just express your own opinions and feelings about the project that you’re working with. Most of them are expecting a positive review from their participants. That’s why if you don’t feel that the project is not suitable for your own judgement just don’t accept that bounty task from them.

Always remember that your name and reputation is on the line. The more truthful you are the more supporters that you can get from your Blog and Review writing which is needed to increase your earnings in this task. The more claps, likes or shares that your Blog or Review has the more earnings you can get from the project.

3. YouTube Review Task

YouTube Review was similar to Blog or Review writing. The difference will be it’s more on making a video of yourself talking about the projects. Just like a real and professional product reviewer you need to provide all the advantages and disadvantages of it. It will depend on you if you don’t want to include the disadvantages of the project. Just make sure that you’re giving a fair and honest opinion.

If your YouTube review was really good. You might get a little bonus from it. You might become their ambassador too. That’s why you need to make sure that you will give your best shot to every video that you’re going to make for them.

The payments here will depend on how many subscribers you have and how many views you can make after posting your youtube review of the project. Don’t be afraid of doing a youtube review if you know to yourself that you can talk in front of the camera clearly or you have good skills in making a video.

4. Translation Task

You are fluent in two different languages? If yes, the translation task was a very suitable task for you. New projects offering this task to expand and advertise their projects in different countries. In this task, what you only need to do is make a translation of the certain post or documents of the project into your local language or given language.

You can get a benefit from doing this task. If you will get accepted as their translator you might become their ambassador for your country. You will hit two birds in one stone. If you’ve finished translating the given post or documents most of the time it’s posted on the local section of the forum where does the main post or documents is posted.

Aside from the payment of translating it to them. They might give you additional payment to manage it by just monitoring the translated post or documents at the local section of the forum.

5. Signature Campaign

Signature Campaign was one of the best bounty tasks that you can do. It’s just like becoming a company advertiser in a certain place. Just like some other popular people who are wearing the products that they are advertising you will wear a unique type of advertising banner to your account.

The normal advertiser getting paid on how popular they are. In the signature campaign, it will not be going to base on your popularity. The payment depends on how high your rank in a certain forum is. The higher your rank is the more earnings.

The task that you’re going to do here is pretty simple. You just need to make a post/reply on the posted thread on some given forum sections. Make sure that you always have a quality post or reply. Always track your work and meet the weekly quota to avoid missing the weekly or monthly stakes.

Stakes are like work points that you’re collecting and will be computed at the end of the bounty. You’ll learn the computation of it by asking the manager or owner of the bounty thread that you’re participating.

Sample of stakes computation: 5000 stakes (own) / 100,000 stakes (total stakes of all participants) x 5,000,000 (Allocated or budget for that bounty task) = 2,500,000 coins/cryptocurrency (Total coins or cryptocurrencies that you’re going to earn). This sample stakes computation is applicable or similar computation to other bounty tasks.

Some of my earnings from Bounty Hunting

Bounty earnings

4. Community Moderator or Support

Community Moderating and Supporting on different projects was my favorite work. Helping other people to their concerns is a nice way to learn and earn.

Becoming a Moderator or Support is just like being a Call Center or Company support. The job is pretty similar if you will think about it. The only advantage you have is you are working at home which is hassle free.

If you have some crypto or even non-crypto experience on moderating and supporting you can easily find a project where you can apply. Most of the new projects now are not only looking for a skilled moderator what they really need now is the person who’s willing to learn and follow their rules.

I’ve started my moderating and supporting career way back 2017 too. That time I really have zero knowledge of how it works. I searched online for some tips and ideas on how to start this kind of career. Luckily after a few months of studying about it, I got my first job from a new project in bitcoin.

The first offer to me was I will receive the salary in tokens. You need to remember if the offer to you for the salary is in tokens that means you need to wait for it to get listed in exchanges to convert it into real money. Aside from the tokens payment, we agreed that I will get a salary weekly.

Most of the time managers of the projects offering weekly or monthly for the payment. It will depend on you now if which is the best option for you.

Sample Salary as a Moderator and Support

Moderator and Support earning

Not all the airdrops and bounties that you’re going to participate in bitcoin will not guarantee you an actual earning. You will just earn from it if you can sell your collected tokens into bitcoin to convert it into real money. Always think positive and believe that you can also earn in the bitcoin industry as long you’re doing your best shot.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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