How to earn in coins ph: Different ways to earn

Have you heard about the application? Do you know that you can earn in coins ph? Some people might not believe this but you can earn money in the most convenient way. Their available features were really a good way to earn some money while you’re at home. was originally an application for a convenient way of buying loads, paying bills, exchanging digital currencies and many more. And you can take advantage of those features to make some extra money even you’re a student, mom at home, part-timer or a person who’s looking for some way to earn online.

I’ve been using for years now. I found it when I’m looking for some way too to earn money online. The main reason I used it because one of the ways I’ve searched needs a wallet for the digital currency which is bitcoin. At first, I was really using for it.

That time I don’t really notice their other features aside from the digital currency wallet. I just got interested in it when one of my friends asked me to send him loads and he will pay me equal to the amount he’s paying to the stores. I sent to him the load using and I received a notification about the rebate. first rebate

The notification said that I’ve received a rebate from the loads I sent a while ago (+2.5 PHP). I started to explore the other features of because of curiosity. I read every detail of those features and a good idea came out on me to take advantage of those features to earn extra money while using it.

These are the features I’ve found on how to earn in coins ph

1. Selling Sim Loads

Sim Loads was pretty popular up until now. Most of us still using it not for the old way like sending text messages or for calling someone. Instead, we’re using it now for our social media or mobile games. Just for these two reasons using the Buy Loads feature of to earn some money is a good idea.

But first, Have you ever think about how much does the stores near your neighborhood earning by selling loads? I asked the store near to our house on how much they are buying their loads from the provider and how much they can earn from it. I’ve learned that they are not getting much from it too but it’s a good way to earn some extra small amounts instead of keeping your money on your wallet or banks the owner said.

Then it’s no different from using if you wanted to start your own loading station business. In the normal loading business station, you need to apply on the provider to register your sim card to access sending loads for different sim cards provider. But in you just need to have the application, register, send funds to your account and you’re ready to go.

It’s also hassled free because you don’t need to wait for the provider if ever you ran out of load to sell. You can funds yourself anytime you need it. If you made up your mind now on starting your own loading station business using you can follow the details below for additional information.

Find the Buy Load feature on your account

As you can see the popular Sim Card Providers are supported on loading

The giving 10% rebates on each time you buy a load from them and if you like you can also add another small fee (less than to the fee from the stores) to your buyer. Just giving them a smaller fee will make them your regular customers because they can save small amounts too if they will going to buy loads from you.

Now, If you’ll think about it you can easily earn a double amount more than what the normal store can earn by selling loads. You will earn more on it once you used to it.

Some of my Selling Loads Records

Note from Buy load for any Globe, Smart, TNT, TM, or Sun mobile number! You get 10% rebate on your first ₱10,000 worth of load purchases per month; 5% rebate after. Resets monthly.

2. Paying Bills

People nowadays getting stressed every time the billing statements are in their mailboxes. But this time it might change the way how you think about billing statements. Who would have thought that there’s a way to earn by just paying those billing statements.

Yes, it’s possible in features now. You can use it to pay your bill conveniently and you will earn at the same time. You can get a good amount of cashback every 5 uniques bills that you’re going to pay each week. cashback

They are considering the bills unique if you didn’t make a payment of it on that month. That means you can use your own bill and get the cashback for paying it every month. It’s not a problem if you only have 1-3 bills on your own because if you need other bills to get the higher cashback don’t forget that you have relatives and neighbors that have their own bills.

You can ask them if they want, you can send their bill payments instead of going to different Billing Payment Centers which is its hassle for them. Most of them will be going to accept it because it’s more convenient for them at the same time they can also save money for their transportation fees.

I suggest for your first month of using the paying bills feature just collect at least 5 bills (including your bills) to familiarize yourself with it. After getting used to it you can collect more bills as long you have enough funds for it.

Note: Always read the note below. 

3. Selling Game Credits

Game Credits were popular nowadays. Most of the people now are using Computer Desktop or Mobile Phones to play online games. You might not know it but most of those people who are playing online games are spending money on those games too.

Gamers always loved making their characters look cool, beautiful, stronger and many more was really part of being addicted to it. The things that they are using to do it was called a Game Credit. That’s why having your own game credits business will really a good idea. game credit list

As a gamer, I used to spend some of my money on game credits too. When I knew that has this kind of feature make me excited. Not because I can easily buy game credits it’s because most of the time game credits were unavailable on many stores.

That means I can make a lot of extra money if I will sell some of it to my friends and the players in the internet cafe near to our house. I didn’t expect that I can earn more than what I expected on it. Aside from having my friends as my customers even those players far from our house are coming just to buy some of it.

But unlike the buying load features in Game Credit features were not giving a rebate every time you buy it. That means you really need to add a fee when you’re selling to have some profit on it. Just always make sure that your fee is the updated fee at actual Game Credit stores.

Sample of my Selling Game Credits Records

4. Referral

Referral System was pretty popular all over the online jobs that you can find. offering referral rewards too. Just like the other way of affiliate program your invited person needs to sign up under your link or that person should enter your referral code. referral system was the easiest I’ve experienced too because you just only need to verify your identity after the registration and both of you will going to earn rewards for it. This is the easiest way for everyone to earn free while using

Just keep sharing your links to different social media accounts and guide your invited people on how they will going to verify their accounts. They can also do it for their self so there’s a lot of chance for you to earn more once those people started to earned too.

A proof from you and those people of getting rewards just for signing up and verifying their accounts will attract more people who will want to try it and earn some money too. Most of the people now get attracted when you said it’s free and you can use it to increase your earnings.

5. Investing in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

This is not really recommended to anyone especially if you don’t have enough knowledge at stock markets and you’re not into long term investments because at any moment the price of the cryptocurrency/coin/bitcoin might change.

But if you’ve some knowledge or just wanted to try it. What you only need to do is send funds to your wallet and convert it to the cryptocurrency that you want to have an investment. Your investment might take days/months/years before you see an increase/decrease in its value. converter

Note: This is a high-risk type of investment that you’re going to do while using that’s why it’s not recommended.

Create your own account now: and you can use my code djq9m2 so both of us will receive a bonus once you verify your account.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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