How to start in bitcoin: Things you need to have

Planning to start your journey in the bitcoin industry? Some people might not think about it but it’s important to know the things you need to have on your journey in the bitcoin industry. This article will help you to know the things you need to start your bitcoin journey.

But first, let’s have a little information about bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency or other people called it cryptocurrency. Just like a normal currency, you can use bitcoin on some of your online purchases. But some of the people still afraid of it because of the old news that it’s being used in some illegal way.

Even it’s true or not what I know is the bitcoin industry is one of the best opportunities that every person who wanted to earn free money online can try. I started in bitcoin way back 2015. I looked for a way to earn money online just like the other people always do.

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency was the best opportunity that I’ve found because unlike some other online jobs that are requiring a lot of NOT FREE documents. What I just need to do is sign up on some online or digital wallets and I can start easily some bitcoin tasks.

Going back to the topic, If you wanted to start in bitcoin you need to have the list of things that I’ve mentioned below for your journey. If you don’t have those things now always think that I’ve started nothing too but after a few years of patience and hard work I achieved to have those things in the bitcoin industry.

How to start in bitcoin – Starter Pack

1. Internet Connection or Mobile Data

Internet Connection or Mobile Data is one of the main requirements if you want to start your journey in the bitcoin industry because you need to access different websites, projects, and applications to learn about bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Aside from accessing those websites, projects, and applications for learning purposes. Your Internet Connection or Mobile Data can be used to find tasks in the bitcoin industry. All of the available tasks in the bitcoin industry requiring an internet connection because most of it you need to work on social media in exchange for some rewards.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own Internet Connection or Mobile Data because just like what I’ve said above I started with noting too. Even I have my own smartphone I don’t really like Mobile Data too since it has expiration and data limit.

That’s why I always go to the Internet Cafe near to our house to rent a Computer to read more about bitcoin and how I’m going to earn money from it. Sometimes I also connect my smartphone to their internet because it’s much cheaper than renting a computer.

2. Device/s

Aside from Internet Connection or Mobile Data, you should really have the device that you’re going to use for your bitcoin journey. You can use either a Computer Desktop or Smartphone. Choose which device you’re comfortable because you will going to read a lot in the bitcoin industry.

But if you don’t have your own Computer Desktop or Smartphone you can still rent on Internet Cafe just like what I did before because I’m not comfortable on smartphones while reading some long articles or blogs about bitcoin.

At first, it’s really a little expensive especially if you don’t have your own device and internet connection because you need to rent the device you need to use to learn about bitcoin and the ways how to earn from doing tasks there.

But once you used to bitcoin industry all of you invested time and effort will be paid off. You can buy your own devices and have your own internet connection to earn more on it just like what happened to me. Always think that there’s always a way if you really want to achieve something.

3. Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Wallets

Aside from having Internet Connection or Mobile Data and Devices, one of the requirements of the bitcoin industry is having a bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallets. These wallets are a digital currency wallet that you can use freely to store your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Once you joined on some available tasks in the bitcoin industry. Some of the managers or owners of those tasks will ask you for specific Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Wallets to receive your rewards depends on the works you’ve done for them.

I suggest creating accounts for each bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets that I’ve mentioned below because some of the bitcoin tasks are requiring different types of wallet before you can join on their tasks. Just check the wallets below because those are the common wallets needed.

List of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallets:

1. is an application for a convenient way of buying loads, paying bills and etc. But the most important feature of it if you’re in the bitcoin industry you can use to store or buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies if you’re from the Philippines. was the most convenient bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet application you can use because you can download and use it freely. You can also convert your bitcoin or other available cryptocurrency there into PHP that you can withdraw anytime if your account is verified.

You don’t need to worry about the verification because they are just asking for a simple Identification Card. Just pass some common valid IDs or documents that can prove your identity and you will get accepted easily. application is available for mobile phone or you can open your account from their website application.

2. Blockchain Wallet

A blockchain wallet is a global bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet that you can use. Most of the big cryptocurrencies are supported aside from bitcoin. It’s the safest and best wallet that you can use to store your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. If it just your country didn’t have a local bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallet.

Blockchain wallet is also available for mobile phones that you can download from Google Playstore and you can also open your account from their website application.

3. Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet is similar to the blockchain wallet that is supported in different countries. Most of the big cryptocurrencies are supported on Coinbase Wallet. It’s also one of the safest wallet that you can use to store and buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that are available to their system.

You can also have coinbase wallet in Google Playstore and Website Application.

4. Ethereum Wallet (Erc20 Supported)

The wallets mentioned above are all supported Ethereum Wallet but the difference is the Erc20 type is can be used to hold another type of cryptocurrencies which is the Erc20 Tokens. Erc20 tokens are like alternative cryptocurrencies under the ethereum network.

It means if the Ethereum wallet is not Erc20 Supported or Compatible you can’t store other Erc20 tokens or in it except the main Ethereum Currency (ETH) only. But you need to have a type of Ethereum Wallets that accepted Erc20 tokens because most of the opportunities to earn in bitcoin are from those tokens.

You can check: Best Ethereum Wallets

4. Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Forums Accounts

Having accounts on different Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency forums has a lot of advantages when you started your journey in the bitcoin industry. Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Forums are the best source of knowledge and information about the bitcoin industry.

When you start your journey in the bitcoin industry you must have a place where you can find good information. That information will help you to familiarize yourself with it. Forums are the best place for it that’s why you must have an account to some big bitcoin forums.

Aside from having a source of knowledge on those forums. The opportunities or bitcoin tasks are mostly posted in different famous bitcoin or cryptocurrency forums so if you will have an account for each forum you will have a lot of chances to find a source of income.

You can check different crypto forums here: Best crypto forums to earn money

5. Patience and Hard Work

Starting your bitcoin journey is not only about the physical things that you need to explore the bitcoin industry. Another important thing you must have is being mentally prepared because just like a real-life job it’s not easy to earn money there.

In order for you to have good results in the bitcoin industry, you must have patience and hard work. Patience because most of the projects or tasks in the bitcoin industry always took a long time before you can make money on it. Hard Work because no matter how long your patience is if you will not going to work for it you will not going to get results in it.

Investing time and effort are the most important thing you must always remember. It even took me a year before I got real results in the bitcoin industry that’s why if you’re not prepared to wait months or a year for it I suggest just find a real job where you can see your earnings in a month of works.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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