Legit cryptocurrency faucets to earn money

Is there really a legit cryptocurrency faucets that you can use to earn money? Or it’s possible to make money by just doing simple tasks like claiming on those cryptocurrency faucets? These are the questions that I’ve heard on most of the new bitcoin users who wanted to have answers.

Believe it or not yes, you can earn real money by just doing those simple tasks on different cryptocurrency faucets that you can find. You can stop doubting now because this is where I also got my first earnings when I started to explore the bitcoin industry.

Bitcoin faucets or cryptocurrency faucets claiming are really popular among bitcoin users especially those people who are just started to explore the bitcoin industry or familiarizing their self on how they will going to earn money doing those simple tasks. The list of legit cryptocurrency faucets might really help you with it.

Why it’s important to start with it?

I really suggest doing bitcoin or cryptocurrency faucets claiming if you are just started in bitcoin because it’s a baby step to learn and familiarize yourself with it. You may also get started in different ways like directly doing other bitcoin tasks or jobs.

But you will not going to have some important simple knowledge about bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets that you will use for different faucets website that you can also use into more bitcoin jobs in the future. You will also familiarize yourself with different captcha bot solving before you can claim your rewards.

That’s why if you really wanted to start in the bitcoin doing faucets claiming will help you to learn some knowledge that you can use for your future careers and opportunities awaiting you in the bitcoin industry.

Things you need to remember!

I’ve been in faucets claiming since I started in crypto and just stopped when my phone got broke where my authenticator for my faucets accounts installed. That’s why I want to advise everyone if you’re reading this save your authenticator key to the safest place you have known.

These faucets really gave results to me and I wanted to share some proofs of my withdrawals but since I didn’t have my authenticator and I forgot to save it on my computer I can’t open and recover my accounts now. But I can guarantee that all the faucets that I’m going to mention below are the legit cryptocurrency faucets and you can trust that you will get your claimed bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

The earnings in faucets claiming is really small but if you will sum up all of it you can still say that it’s a good amount for a part-time task while doing other crypto works or tasks. Once you familiarized yourself in it you can explore the other tasks or jobs that you can do in the bitcoin industry.

These are the list of legit cryptocurrency faucets that you can use to earn money

1. Freebitco.in

Freebitco.in is not really an actual faucet website. It’s a betting website where you can multiply your entered funds using their different features. But even they are not the actual faucet they still have one of the best and legit cryptocurrency faucets that you can try.

Why did I consider them as one of the best faucets? Because they are not requiring their users to invest money first on their website before you can withdraw your claimed bitcoin from their faucets. Some of the websites are requiring investments and it’s pretty suspicious if they are asking for it.

Even the minimum withdrawal is a little too high than the normal faucet you don’t have to worry because you can claim every one hour to their faucet so that means that you can get a maximum of 24 times per day. The rewards for each time you claim in the faucets will depend on the role results.

This is how Freebitco.in faucet works:

Go to their Free BTC tab and you will see the faucet available there. The first thing you should do is solve the captcha before you can roll it and get your rewards.

freebitcoin faucet

Explanation of Role Results:

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoin

Satoshi was the smallest value conversion of bitcoin. We will just use it to familiarize yourself with how are you going to convert bitcoin into satoshi value. Just remember that every 1 bitcoin is equal to 100,000,000 satoshis. Anyway, let’s go back on how does role result works.

If the role stopped between:

0 – 9885 you will get 17 satoshis or = 0.00000017 BTC

9886 – 9985 you will get 191 satoshis = 0.00000191 BTC

9986 – 9983 you will get 1,906 satoshis = 0.00001906 BTC

9998 – 9999 you will get 19,056 satoshis = 0.00019056 BTC

10000 you will get 1,905,640 = 0.01905640 BTC which is the jackpot prize!

If you think that rewards to each role are pretty low there’s a way that you can do to increase it. But you need to remember that you may use your claimed bitcoin or insert funds to their website to do it. You can see that option above the faucet or just see the image below.

Freebitco.in increase rewards

2. Eobot Faucet

Eobot is also not an actual faucet but just like Freebitco.in. They are a cloud mining website where you can invest bitcoin or other cryptocurrency to mine what currency you wanted without using your own equipment. But they are offering a free faucet to everyone too.

Just like in Freebitco.in, Eobot is not requiring their users to invest money before they can make a withdrawal if you’re just claiming from their faucets. You will also have a lot of choices in which cryptocurrency do you want to withdraw aside from bitcoin.

Another good advantage of Eobot faucet is you can choose different cryptocurrencies aside from bitcoin as long it’s on their faucet. Unlike other faucets that you can only claim a specific type of cryptocurrency.

You can only claim from their faucet once a day it means you need to wait 24 hours every after you claim it. For me claiming it once a day was still pretty good because of less hassle from going back to the website every minute or every hour. Rewarding system was pretty good too each claim and the minimum withdrawal is low too.

Claiming Guide: 

1. Choose the currency that you want to claim or receive as a reward for claiming in the faucet.

eobot faucet minig options

2. Go and hover your mouse or touch the Products menu and choose faucet.

eobot faucet product list

3. Answer the captcha and click claim reward.

eobot faucet recaptcha problem

If you’re thinking when I said that you can claim other cryptocurrencies aside from it on Eobot faucet. You can do it by choosing which cryptocurrency do you want to claim from step 1 on my guide above.

3. Moon Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dogecoin / Dashcoin / Bitcoincash , Bonusbitcoin and Bitfun

The reason why I mentioned these faucets at once even they are from different owners or different projects because they are all offering faucets and partnered with Coinpot.co where you can send your claimed rewards from these faucets.

Let’s start with Coinpot.co, This is actually a wallet for different currencies but since they are partnered with different faucets that I’ve mentioned above all the claimed rewards that you’re earnings can be sent directly to your Coinpot.co account if you will use the same email on those faucets.

1. Moon Bitcoin / Litecoin / Dogecoin / Dashcoin / Bitcoincash

We faucet claimers called these faucets as Moon Faucets because as you can see the name of each faucet has a moon on it. Before they only have 2-3 Moon faucets but these last few years they made another Moon Faucets for some big cryptocurrencies.

These faucets the same features that’s why if you will get used even one of these faucets you can easily understand and use this to claim some small amount of cryptocurrencies that you can convert into real money.

There are different times of claiming from these faucets. Unlike the other faucets you can claim from these faucets every minute, hour or every day. Just choose the most convenient way of claiming for you and your claimed rewards will be sent directly to your coinpot.co account.

At first, the earnings from these faucets are really small but they are offering some good way for their users to increase their earnings. You will increase your loyalty percentage every time you claim on their faucets daily. You must not miss even a single day of claiming their because it will go back to zero.

Loyalty rewards will increase your claiming rewards everyday. So it means once you achieve the 100% of loyalty rewards you can get a double amount of each rewards that you’re claiming. Just claim every day and you will keep your loyalty rewards.

They are also offering a referral system in which you can get rewards from your invited person every time they made claims in the moon faucets. Remember that each Moon Faucets has different referral links so your invited people must register under those links.

2. Bonusbitcoin

Bonusbitcoin is also one of the legit faucets that you can find. And it’s pretty good to know that they are partnered with coinpot.co now which means your bitcoin withdrawals will be sent to your coinpot.co account as long you’re using the same email on it.

Unlike from the Moon Faucets you can only claim in Bonusbitcoin every 15 minutes and the only currency that you can claim there is bitcoin. The rewards from their faucets were pretty good too as a bitcoin faucet because some of the bitcoin faucet giving fewer rewards if it’s a bitcoin currency.

They are also offering a referral system to increase your earnings too. Just like from the other faucet just share your referral links to those people who loved to claim in faucets.

3. Bitfun

Bitfun one of the legit faucets I’ve used before. They are also partnered with coinpot.co which means just like in Bonusbitcoin as long you’re using the same email address upon registration in coinpot.co and bitfun you can send your claimed rewards to your account directly.

But unlike from the other faucets partnered with coinpot.co. Bitfun offering another way to their users to increase their earnings by Playing Games. They have different games on their website that you can play to earn more bitcoin aside from claiming to their faucets.

Their referral system was pretty good too to increase your earnings. If you know some people who loved to play games and claim in faucets you can recommend Bitfun to them.

Final Message

Thank you for reading and I hope that you’ve learned something new.

I’m wishing you the best and hoping that you’re going to start making money online!

Good luck!

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